Red Rocks


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red-rocks-amphitheater-morrison-col251Today I went to Red Rocks! It was so fun. First when we where driving there, the rocks looked like they where made out of plastic. The rocks where red! I had never seen red rocks before. I went with my daddy, my mommy, my little sister, my brother, my auntie, my uncle, and my cousins.  First when we started we went to a BIG rock.  We went up a lot of stares.  Then when we got to the top it was a parking lot!   We had to go all the way down again. Then we where going to find another way to get up the mountain.  We where going pasted the seats and my leg got stuck and i fell!  I scraped my foot and my elbow but I also hurt my leg.  Even if I got hurt I still had a lot of fun in Red Rocks!

Earth Day


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Do you know Earth Day is?  Earth Day is a day that you dedicate to the planet.  In April 22, 1960 Earth Day was invented by Senetor Gaylord Nelson.  Earth Day came to be because Senetor Nelson showed every one the importance of Earth Day.  In the year 2000 Earth Day has been focused on cleaning the planet.  Now Earth Day is a world wide celebration.  Earth Day can also be extended for a week instead of a day.  More than 1 billion people are involved  in Earth Day activities, making it “the largest secular civic event in the world.”  Some tips on helping save the planet, by using water bottles instead of buying new ones.  You can also try to use the right amount of water and only using what you need.  Another thing you can is start a garden in your own back yard instead of driving to the store and wasting gas and oil planting a garden can also be a great way to have fun!  Another tip I would give you is that you can ride your bike or walking instead of driving and couseing pollution.  What will you do to help save the earth.thumbnail.aspx



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imagesIt was April 10,1912.  I was getting on board to go to New York.  I was not in any ordinary ship it was the Titanic!  People said that the Titanic was the safest boat and that it as also unsinkable.  The Titanic was that the Titanic was the biggest ship ever built.  The length was 882 was 94 ft. wide, and 100 ft. high.  the Titanic was on it’s first trip.  the captain of the ship was E.C. Smith.  Smith wanted to prove that the Titanic was not only the world’s most luxurious (elegant)  ship, but the fastest as well. I was rely delighted to get on the Titanic.  When I stepped in it looked like a mansion!  I grabbed my mom’s and dad’s hands because I did not want to get lost.  Finally, after a really long time someone showed us our room it was really big!  after five days I still found out new thing about the Titanic.  It was 9:30 pm and I had to go to sleep.  Than suddenly I felt my mom shack me.  She told me to get up, and I was worried!  Every one was screaming and yelling.  The first floor seemed half way full of water.  My mom and dad rushed my to a little boat.  My mom got with me in the little boat.  I was crying because we where living my dad behind.  We sailed away and my mom said that every thing was going to be OK.  We arrived in a unknown place.  I was trying to look for my dad but I couldn’t  find him and right when I was about to give up I saw my dad’s watering eyes.  I could not believe that almost all the people on the ship had died.  The sinking of the ship was such a hurt full thing that I will never forget.  There where a lot of kids that died.  The unsinkable boat got sank by a iceberg.

Komodo Dragon


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komodoI am a Komodo Dragon.  I am a very dangerous animal.  One day I was looking for food and I spot three juice hikers.  It looked like one of the hikers was too tired and sat down.  I was getting ready to enjoy his flesh , juice, red flesh.  I attacked, and I bit him.  He was trying to escape my sharp teeth but he couldn’t.  My teeth were digging into his fat,plum stomach.  I could feel his bones braking, it was the most wonderful feeling.  I spit out his shirt it was too sweaty.  I left.  After a while his friends came back and saw his bloody shirt.  They where scared and ran.  I wanted to eat them too, but I was too full to run after them and besides they did not even look as plump as their friend.

There was also another time when a man and his two grown sons where also hiking, they went to cut some wood.   I was sneaking up on them.  They did not even knottiest.  When I was right in the back of them I jumped on top of them.  Two of them escaped and I only caught one of them.  of the son I bit a hug chunk .  The father and the son came back but it was too late!  The son had died an hour later.komodo-dragon-bite

As you can see many people are scared of me.  In the forest where I live I am the king.  People put up signs that say “Dragon Area” or “WATCH OUT: Komodo crossing” no body is brave enough to go into the forest.  I have a scaly skin, a yellow forked tongue, sharp teeth, and curved claws.  I can eat an animal 10 times bigger than me.  I hunt alone.  I don’t trust the other Komodos.  I can also swim. I mostly like to eat pregnant goats and horses.  I don’t only eat dead animals but dead people too!

You have to be really careful of me.  I can come up to you and eat you up easily.  Don’t get near me.  You will never know when you will get eaten by me!

How to creat a new post


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The Color of my Words


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the colorThe Color of my Words

The setting of the book The Color of my Words is in a small town in Dominican Republic. The main characters in my story are Ana Rosa, Guario, Mami, Papi, Angel, and Angela. Ana Rosa is the main Character in the story. Ana Rosa loves to write. Her family is poor but that dose not stop her from writing. Ana Rosa’s brother Guario works as being a waiter in Rico’s Cafe. Ana has A Gri Gir tree. Every day she goes up there and writes. Ana Rosa’s dad is a really good dancer. Ana Rosa can’t dance. Her dad teaches her. Guario has a friend and his name is Angle. Ana Rosa likes Angel but Angel like Angela, Ana Rosa’s sister. One day Ana Rosa was walking and a man gave her money to buy her self something and to buy her mom her favorite cake. Ana Rosa went home after buying the cake and candy. When she got home her mom asked where did she get all the money? And Ana Rosa told her that she got the money from a man that she did not now. Ana Rosa’s mom got mad because the man that gave Ana Rosa the money was her dad. Ana Rosa id not know that she had another dad. One day when Guario was going to work he was looking for his notepad and Ana Rosa took it to write. Ana Rosa’s mom knew that Ana had the notepad but she did not say any thing. When Guario found the notepad he promised to buy Ana a notepad every week. It was a Sunday and the government wanted to sell the land where they lived. Nobody liked the idea of living some where ales. The town decided that they needed a spokes person and it should be Guario. Guario fought for the land. One day the government had every thing ready to destroy the houses Ana got scared and went to her tree. Guario told her to get of the tree but she did not listen. The bulldozer was heading to the tree and the bulldozer killed Guario. That day it was Ana’s birthday. Ana had lost someone really special. 6 months later Ana’s family celebrated her birthday. They got her a box full of paper and a pen for her to write. On the box it said all the names of who it was from. It had all her family’s names even Guario’s. Ana felt like it was her fault for Guario’s death. She went to the beach running and she knew that what ever she said Guario could listen. She felt sorry for killing Guario even if it was not her fault. I like this book because I can fell what the characters are felling in the story. I even cried when Guario died. I have no connection to this book. I would recommend this book to any one who like sad stores.  My favorite part of the story was when Guario’s name was on Ana Rosa’s present.

My Short Story


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You walk to school one day and see a door where none excised before.  You open the door, and than…..

Write a short story in which you tell what happens after you open the door.

Remember to include: characters, details, a beginning, middle, and end.



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My favorite month of the year is  October.  My favorite month is October because it is the perfect weather, it is a mix of hot and cold.  Also, in October it is my birthday.kitty cake My favorite holiday is Halloween and it is also in October.  In October it is a month of parties and holidays.  October is awesome.  October is a very special and interesting month for me.

Coming To Aorura,Colorado


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If someone from another country came to Aurora,Colorado for the first time I would like them to know that here the weather changes a lot.  Also, in the school Aurora Hills you have to wear uniforms.  The students and teachers here are really nice and kind.  Here in Denver you will never get board because you always have something to do .  In Colorado you also have great opportunities.  This are somethings you should be aware of when you come to Denver,Colorado.

The Person Who I Admier


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lady gagaDo you have a person who you admire?  Well the person who I admire is Lady Gaga.  A reason why I admire Lady Gaga is that she was the person that inspired me.  She inspired me by her singing and dancing.  I remember the first time I saw her in one of her music videos.  I thought to myself that she had the right way to express herself.  Also, I will never forget that day she said that nothing stands in her way of making her dream come true.  Last, she never gives up.  Lady Gaga and I have a lot in comen.  I learned most of the things that I know I learned from her.  I know that she will never let me down.  I will always look up to her.

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